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Musical Arrangement Theory

Arrangement tips for keeping a mix interesting.
1. The slow build up
This technique is appropriate for the introduction or after a solo or musical middle 8, interval or break. Slowly bring the rest of the instruments ( including drums or percussion) individually in to the track waiting 2, 4 or 8 bars for adding each one. The initial instrument sounds can be the lead, the chords or any that sound affective in solo or as a smaller group. There is complex origins from this technique which formed the basis of the concepts of rounds and cannons in classical music. There is no need to know what these are for to get a good piece of music, but see 10 if interested.

2. The slow drop off
The is the reverse of 1. It is affective towards a major variation in the music, such as a verse/chorus/middle 8 flip or simply a lull or interval. Its purpose is to emphasise the change.

10. Rounds and Cannons
A round is simply a repeating combination of instruments that work harmonically with each other. A cannon is a little more sophisticated as the melody is designed so that when staggered eg. repeated on several tracks starting a bar later is that the notes harmonise themselves to form chords .Some well known examples of these are "Paechbaels Cannon", "Row Row Your Boat" and "Green Sleaves".